Interim Management

Adria Management is the first consultant company with Rent-a-Manager core business model in the Adria region.

What do you get for your money?

  • Expertise and Competences – Highly qualified professionals (mostly over qualified for those positions) use their immense experience and multiple skills from day one.
  • Efficiency – No running in period. Focus and discipline result in fast and tangible wins.
  • Development of the rest of Management team – As a mentor and a coach, interim manager passes on knowledge, skills and expertise to your team

Who do you temporary add to your team?

  • Impressive CV (blue chip multinational corporation professional history)
  • Adoptability – often engages into new projects in new surroundings with excellent experience in people management
  • Diagnoses, analyses and solves problems with ease
  • Mentors, coaches, advises, motivates with friendly approach
  • Has great ability to interact in cross functional environment
  • Has reputation that is built on charisma, knowledge, skills and as a team player

How do we in Adria Management operate?

Our interim manager work from local companies in Croatia, Slovenia or Serbia. We choose the most appropriate professional in particular field that suits your needs best and we implant them in your local team for the most desired outcome. Both they and you can rely on our entire team for additional needed expertise.

“Do not hire top-notch professional. Rent-a-Manager! Treat yourself with an expert for a limited time only to get the job done.”

Our team stands at your disposal. Every week we spare few extra hours for SME entrepreneurs free consulting. Check if you qualify for the service. We’ll get back to you soon!

Photo Milos

  Milos Ulcar Managing Partner

Photo Goran

Goran Ivanisevic Managing Partner