Interim Management

Foreign investors in Adria Region – Automotive – Adria region / EU

Non EU South European Production Company, dealing in automotive industry, expressed their need to open production unit and distributional center within EU markets, with an aim of getting the EU origin for products produced for North African markets and easier entry to complex European markets.

Adria management offered complete solution including interim operational management and prepared study which includes:

  • PESTLE Analysis – aspects of establishing of a new company in Slovenia,
  • SWOT analysis,
  • Legal requirements for new business and foreign investments,
  • Employment requirements and possibilities,
  • Financial requirements for new companies including:
    • Prescribed minimum capital for company start up,
    • Estimated resources for basic equipment (computers, phones, warehouse equipment, software, etc.),
  • Government and local incentives for foreign investments,
  • Government incentives for new employments,
  • Real Estate market research and proposals for best premises to be rented,
  • Legal requirements for used machinery and equipment leased from mother company,
  • Business plan with P&L projection and Return over Investment (ROI) analysis.

Study prepared in 6 weeks’ time is in implementation phase.