Operations Management

Operations and Crisis Management – Automotive – Slovenia

Slovenian SME, producing parts for motorbike and karting industry found itself in  trouble as a result of non-adequate management during the transfer of family business to next generation. Company had an immediate need for crisis manager in order to restructure company and train next generation management.

Adria Management provided a complete solution including interim CEO. Goals achieved were:

  • Personnel reorganization and new job classification system implemented,
  • Operational restructuring to deliver lower production costs,
  • Introduction and implementation of international quality standards in operations (ISO 9001-2008, KBA),
  • Product/Process innovation system implemented,
  • Sustainable growth of core business products sales to OEM and aftermarket customers,
  • Company brand name awareness increased,
  • Sustainable growth of profit,
  • Operational management transferred to next generation of owners.

All tasks were completed in less than 2 years’ time and today company is fully prepared for challenges of new millennium business.