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Co-founder and Managing Partner in Adria Management. Experienced leader offering over 15 years’ background in top management positions within various industries. Hands-on experience in managing companies at various levels while balancing resources to achieve operational objectives. Focused on strategic organization development and crisis management by leveraging best-in-class technical knowledge, financial controlling and cost cutting activities, company personal and organizational restructuring.

Expertise across convergent sectors and industries. Strong network and outstanding track record of developing strategies and implementing procedures. Proactive and providing leadership to retain as well as acquire customers while driving business priorities while building and leading successful teams.

Core Competences

▪ Entrepreneurial Drive ▪ Strong Communicational and Organizational Expertise ▪ Creating Policies and Procedures ▪ Crisis management ▪ Company financial, personal and organizational restructuring ▪ New business development ▪ Creating Partnerships ▪ Strategic Planning ▪ Personal Development ▪ Effective Negotiations ▪ Financial Management / Project Budgeting ▪ Risk Mitigation ▪ Leadership and Employee Management ▪ Brand Development ▪ P & L Revenue Generation ▪ Staff Management ▪ Client Relationship Management▪Fluent in English and Serbo/Croatian / basics in French ▪Wide technical knowledge

Beside being a professional manager, Miloš always find time for his hobbies, be it playing a guitar, sailing, hiking or climbing in mountains, believing that only satisfied and positive people can be successful in business world.

Career History

Co-Founder and Managing Partner in Adria Management (through ATHENA Business Consultancy, CEO)

CEO| Sinter Ljubljana d.o.o.

General Manager |Pastor Group d.d., Gasilska Oprema d.o.o.

Commercial Director|LTH d.d.

Sales Director SEE |Esotech d.d.

Strategic Purchase Manager | Skimar d.d., Elan Marine d.o.o.

Director | Diamant d.o.o.