Interim Mnagement

“We are the only company with Rent-a-Manager core business model in the Adria region.”

Adria Management provides interim management services in following areas:

Operations and Crisis Management

Adria Management provides interim based services for clients who need fast & temporary guidance in start-up, company set-up, and turnaround or reorganization solutions.

Sales & New Business Development

Our specialty is providing interim services for clients who need fast & temporary boost in Sales & New Business Development using proficient sales & marketing tools.

Production Management

We successfully provide interim based services for clients who need fast recovery procedures in Production to meet rising customer demand or are in need of complete turnaround.

Supply Chain Management

Adria Management provides interim based services for clients who need fast & temporary shift in Purchasing or with supplier performance and relationships.

When is the right time to get expert help for certain areas of business?

There will never be enough time for you to do it on your own. You will probably lack quality resources within the environment in which you are used to face business challenges. Seldom will the finances be so strong that you’ll be able to afford top experts with their compensation package and career advancement they look for and why should you?

If you have an important task that deserves your full attention, but there is not enough hours in a day. When important project has started, but you’re missing a leader that can guide it safely and successfully? New markets and opportunities are out of reach without strategic guidance? Maybe you can’t even pinpoint the issue, but your gut feeling tells you that the pace and direction of your company are off? Yup, that is the moment. You need expert help from a professional team that lives to deal with this type of situation.

How do we assist?

We are not really employed by our own company. Our business is your business and in shortest possible time we asses, advise, start ground work, take over responsibility, manage processes or entire business, implement necessary and agreed upon changes and then we safely let you go to carry on your success story.

Our Business Creed is:

“We do not produce documentation – we produce results!”

Adria Management is not your usual everyday consultant company. We are Rent-A-Manager” company with all the necessary know-how and expertise in areas where we assist. It is not meant to be that we just tell you how to do it, with no responsibility on our part. Our guys will do the job with you and train you and your employees in the process. When we let you go, you do not have only analysis, forecast, recommendations and procedures on piece of paper. What you have is business up and running and knowledge gained is truly yours, not ours.

“Do not hire top-notch professional. Rent-a-Manager – get yourself an expert for a limited time only to get the job done.”

Maybe it’s the best way for you to start by checking our success stories that portrait our way of working through success stories of clients that got better, faster, more profitable and more responsible? Here you can check some of ours stories.